Research data and your thesis

Research data is information that underpins your research. If you have generated research data as part of your project (such as images, videos, source code or analytical data) then it may be helpful to make this available along with your thesis. Certain funders (e.g. UKRI) and publishers stipulate data sharing as part of their requirements. You should discuss with your supervisor if any of your data can be shared and what might be useful to make available.

In many cases, the most appropriate way to share your research data will be by publishing in a data repository. Most repositories will provide you with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that can be used to cite the dataset in your thesis and other related publications.

The University of Bristol has its own Research Data Repository (data.bris) which you can use with your supervisor's support. The University Research Data Service is responsible for the repository and aims to maintain published datasets over the long-term. There are different publication options available including open and controlled access for more sensitive data. Embargo periods can also be applied. Once published a record of the dataset will also be displayed in Pure. Please see the publishing data in data.bris webpages for more information about the repository and the depositing process.

It may not be possible to make some data available due to ethical, commercial or political reasons. If you think this might be the case discuss the issues with your supervisor and the Research Data Service.

In order to effectively share research data it should be well managed and organised throughout your project. This will make the eventual data publication process much more straightforward. The Research Data Service offers guidance and advice around research data management and preparing data for publication.

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