Managing research data

The Research Data Service is part of the Library and supports pan-University research activities to help realise the impact of research on society. We help individual researchers or major interdisciplinary research initiatives to plan, manage and share research data.

We're happy to help with data management plans and provide data management training for research staff and PhD students. We also manage Bristol's data.bris research data repository, the University's platform for research data publication.

If you're new to research data management don't worry - much of what's involved should be familiar:

  • Saving work in a format that can be re-opened easily
  • Naming files so they can be found quickly
  • Backing up valuable data
  • Controlling who has access to data
  • Sharing data to help maximise research impact

To learn the fundamentals of research data management, take our interactive tutorial.

Interactive bootcamp tutorial - introduction to research data

Not sure where to start? The GW4 Research Data Management Triage Tool can help narrow down your question and get you to the right guidance faster.

GW4 Research Data Management Triage Tool

Please note that you will need to sign up to the GW4 SharePoint before being able to access the GW4 Triage Tool.

Grid of six thumbnail images. Clockwise from top left: two chemists at work, cloth-bound hardback books, fluorescence microscopy, building exterior, engineering experiment, test tubes and flasks.

Looking for research data? Visit the data.bris research data repository

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