After publication

Updating your dataset after publication

You cannot edit your data after publication - once published, a dataset is a research output in its own right, and (unless published as a Controlled dataset) will begin to circulate in its published form.

However, you can choose to edit the data record in Pure yourself. This is particularly useful if you want to relate your dataset to your publications and projects.

Any changes you make will be checked by a member of repository staff, and if approved will be pushed back to the data.bris repository catalogue, Explore Bristol Research, and the DataCite registry.

Repository staff can make changes to the data record on your behalf, but also cannot change the data itself.

Disclosure risks

If after publication you find there are serious disclosure risks involved in the published dataset, please contact as soon as possible and we will remove the data from public view as required.

Other updates or corrections to datasets

In the event you need to update or correct a dataset, we will not take down the original, particularly where this may already have been circulating in the public sphere. We recommend you publish a new, up-to-date dataset clearly marked as such (e.g. "UPDATED" or "v2"), and provide links to and from the original, which should be similarly clearly marked (e.g. "SUPERCEDED" or "v1"). 

This is method maintains openness and transparency in research, and also ensures that anyone seeking to use the original dataset is aware that a more current version is available.

Please email with any post-publication data queries.

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