Full papers

The links below are to full papers presented at the conference. Submission of full text papers by conference delegates is optional.

Tamronglak: service quality of equal access to healthcare in Thailand (PDF, 226kB)

Gardner: austerity, community leadership & spaces of power (Office document, 110kB)

Addicott: there may be trouble ahead (PDF, 531kB)

Colebatch: do we need to redefine the state (Office document, 54kB)

Madziva: When I look at this van, it’s not only a van (Office document, 77kB)

Nieuwenhuis & Maldonado: Combining Parental Leave and Family Allowances for... (PDF, 1,410kB)

Family Policies and Single Parent Poverty Poster (PDF, 71kB) For more detail on this research please see http://www.lisdatacenter.org/wps/liswps/622.pdf

Mu: A Network Governance Approach to Transport-Land Use Integration Evidence (PDF, 1,106kB)

Huanming Wang: Does privatisation influence on public sector equity? (PDF, 804kB)

Smyth: Embedding financialization a policy review of affordable homes programme (Office document, 219kB)

Huyakorn Gaming simulation training UNISS (Office document, 3,587kB)

Parsons & Calder - Depoliticisation and the Williams Report (PDF, 254kB)

Onyishi: Intra-Party Politics in Nigeria (Office document, 71kB)

Farrell Leadership and Comparative Models of Governance (Office document, 519kB)

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