Annual Lecture 2015

We were delighted to welcome Lord Anthony Giddens on 17th March 2015 to speak on The Politics of Climate Change. The event was fully booked some weeks beforehand and the Great Hall was packed on the night. Lord Giddens did not disappoint in presenting a clear and pressing case for the need for urgent action to address the problem of climate change.

Below is a film of the whole lecture in case you want to listen again, or if you were not able to get a ticket. We are most grateful to Lord Giddens for allowing us to use it.

A full transcript of the lecture can be downloaded from Transcript of Anthony Giddens lecture on The Politics of Climate Change (Office document, 34kB)

An article written by Lord Giddens based on the lecture is available at

Finally, in celebration of the event, we have put together a collection of our most popular published papers on the Environment. The collection is free to access during the first week of April at

Anthony Giddens is a world renowned sociologist, a Labour peer and author or editor of 40 books translated into over 40 languages worldwide. As adviser to Tony Blair, it was Giddens’ “third way” political approach that was adopted as the Party’s guiding political idea. 

photo of Anthony Giddens

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