Will Self - When the Bubble Burst: the end of champagne socialism

Policy & Politics Journal was delighted to welcome the novelist, journalist & political commentator Will Self to deliver our 22nd Policy & Politics Annual Lecture on 7th March. His address was entitled The End of Champagne Socialism: when the bubble burst which he delivered with great aplomb to a packed Great Hall at the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol.

Will and the Policy & Politics team


The Great Hall was packed on the night and Will did not disappoint in delivering a brilliant piece of oratory whilst offering critical and insightful words on his topic examining developments in thinking about socialism over the past half-century – what the rise of Corbyn tells us about British attitudes towards socialismlism, and what the changes have been in how we conceive – and repurpose – the links between the personal and the political in times of accelerated change.

For more details of what Will said, read the forthcoming Policy & Politics blog about his lecture.

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