Talking About the Past

The people we talked to throughout this research said they enjoyed reminiscing about happy memories. We also saw that staff members often asked people questions about their pasts. Although it can be enjoyable and rewarding for people to talk about what happened in their lives, it can also present problems for people living with dementia. Not remembering something can be frustrating, especially if relates to your own life and experiences. Conversations can easily become like cognitive testing, driven by staff questions. This video explores how to navigate these types of conversations.

On this video, you will see separate sections where you can:

a) Listen to the views of people with dementia themselves

b) See tricky scenes from dementia groups, where interaction gets tough

c) Use these tricky scenes to reflect or create your own solutions

d) See how the Forget Me Not research group would do things differently


Talking About the Past Flyer (PDF, 441kB)

Download the Talking About the Past video here

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