The Getting Things Changed team has produced videos that you can watch to find out more about our research.

A good match

This short film is for people with learning disabilities and their personal assistants. It is about getting good support. It is designed to show when support is working well and what to do when things go a little wrong. It is hoped that this film will help people to get the kind of support that they want to have.

The film was made by the Misfits Theatre Company in Bristol, was filmed in collaboration with Frank Spencer of Redweather Productions, and was co-written with Sandra Dowling from the University of Bristol. The content of the film was based on real life data filmed during the Getting Things Changed project.

Watch 'A good match'

Talking about the past

Based on the research from Getting Things Changed, we have worked with Joe Webb and Val Williams, alongside Moore Lavan Films, to produce training videos which can be used by anyone working with people with dementia.

On this video, you will see separate sections where you can:

  • listen to the views of people with dementia themselves;
  • see tricky scenes from dementia groups, where interaction gets tough;
  • use these tricky scenes to reflect or create your own solutions;
  • see how the Forget Me Not research group would do things differently.

Download the 'Talking about the past' flyer (PDF, 441kB)

Watch 'Talking about the past'

Our other videos

You can watch all of our videos on our YouTube playlist.

You can also watch our videos on the School for Policy Studies Youtube Channel 

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