Public engagement and research impact

Our ambition is for research to achieve impact through dissemination activities, and engagement with academic, professional and wider publics.

Our research is theoretically informed, empirically grounded and politically and socially relevant. Engaging with non-academic audiences to promote peaceful, fairer and more inclusive societies at the national and international level is central to what we do. Our findings, especially from problem-oriented projects, have a high potential for influencing public debates and policies.

Impact and public engagement is an important part of the research process in SPAIS. Researchers from the School make regular contributions in the media, in Britain and internationally, contributing to debate and disseminating their research. Some contribute to policy making by informing and shaping policy agendas, and feed into thinking within third sector organisations and NGOs. Others are public intellectuals, active as opinion leaders in public debates. We are also committed to collaborating with and integrating non-academic stakeholders throughout our research in order to facilitate co-production of knowledge.

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