Code of Conduct / Register of Interests


This Code of Conduct applies to members of staff of the University. The purpose of the Code is to ensure high standards of integrity in the conduct of University business, and to avoid both impropriety and any appearance of impropriety. It should be read in conjunction with the Conduct Procedure for Members of Staff (which deals with general staff misconduct) and with the relevant sections of a member of staff’s Terms and Conditions of Employment.


Heads of Schools and Divisions are responsible for ensuring that this Code is followed and a record of outside interests and employment is kept. It may be misconduct under the University’s Conduct Procedure for a member of staff to fail to comply with the Code.


All those to whom the Code applies should declare any relevant conflict or potential conflict of interest between their affairs and those of the University, arising in the course of their duties, to their Head of School or Division, Dean, Registrar or to the University Secretary or the Vice-Chancellor, as appropriate.

Paid work outside the University

When undertaking paid work outside the University, whether the payment is made for the direct benefit of the member of staff or into a discretionary fund held in the University, members of staff must comply with the University’s rules as set out in their terms and conditions of employment and the Policy on Outside Work.

It may be misconduct under the University’s Conduct Procedure to undertake paid work which is found to be in breach of the Policy.

A member of staff undertaking work outside the University must make it clear to all relevant persons that the work is undertaken in a private capacity, that the University is not involved, and that the University accepts no liability in connection with the work done.

Charitable bodies

Council’s approval must be obtained for the establishment of charitable or other bodies raising funds in the name of the University of Bristol, and any such bodies must be registered with the University Secretary and submit audited accounts annually to the Finance Director. Members of staff involved with any such bodies are responsible for ensuring that these rules are followed.

Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

Please refer to the Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy.

Register of Interests

The University Secretary will maintain a Register of Interests, which may be consulted for good reason by senior members of staff. It applies to heads of academic departments, directors of research centres, professors, divisional heads in the Registrar's Office and other members of the academic and related staff on Grade M, who should give written details to the Secretary for inclusion in the Register of the following:

  • Remunerated employment outside the University
  • Other relevant sources of income from outside the University
  • Relevant directorships, trusteeships or similar positions
  • Involvement with any organisation with which the University might do business
  • Positions of authority within any other organisation whose decisions may have an impact on the University
  • Other relevant interests

Information regarding the Code of Conduct for Lay Members of Council and Committees is available from the Council Guide.