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About Research Professional

Research Professional provides access to an extensive database of funding opportunities and research news items from over 30 countries around the world.

Bristol University has the ‘gold service’ for this site, which provides researchers with full access to all UK and overseas material. You can search for funding information by discipline, sponsor, database searches, by recent calls or by upcoming deadlines. Using the community tools you can share your findings with your colleagues and access resources that other people have prepared for you.

Staff and students have FREE access to Research Professional online from all computers on the University network, where you can enter the site without a username and password. You can also set up an individual account, which enables:

A more detailed description of the benefits of this service is available on the Research Professional web page.


When you first go to the site, you will have three options:


Sign up

Research Professional run monthly broadcast demonstrations which allows individual users to sign up from their own desks.

The session is suitable for first time or relatively new Research Professional users, and will cover:

To sign up for the demonstration, the user just needs to send an email to Client Services.

Once registered, users will be sent the information they will need to view the demonstration. As places on the demonstration are limited, it is important that users sign up ahead of time for any sessions they would like to attend.


Demonstrations will take place between 10.00AM and 11.00AM on the fourth Tuesday of every month.

Need help?

Alternatively, please contact Cath Hale / Rachel Spencer ( who will help you to set up a personal account and help you tailor your account to receive the information you require.

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