2015/16 Brigstow Institute seed-corn fund: Application Guidelines

The first seed-corn call for projects under Bristol’s new Brigstow Institute has been launched.  The aim is to provide support that gives people with brilliant ideas a chance to work with others to experiment with those.  We invite applications from academics at any and every stage of their career, and are just as keen to support brand new partnerships, as well as to extend the ambition of existing research teams. 

For new partnerships, we are keen to fund those working across disciplines, those working on co-produced research with external partners, and/or those working on ambitious co-produced, interdisciplinary research.

For existing partnerships, we look to fund those who are already working in interdisciplinary teams but wish to experiment with co-produced research with external partners, or those working on co-produced projects who see the value of bringing in new disciplinary perspectives.  

A bit about the Brigstow Institute

Launched in September 2015, the Brigstow Institute aims to bring researchers from different disciplines together with a range of partners across the city and beyond to experiment in new ways of living. Our initial themes focus on living well with technology, living well with difference, living well with uncertainty and just plain old living well.

Our name comes from the Old English name for Bristol and literally means ‘place of the bridge.’ Our vision is that Brigstow will build bridges between disciplines and between academics, community partners and industry in order that together we can imagine and make alternative futures.

Underlying Brigstow are a number of key values that shape the ways we work.  We value ‘co-produced research’ and ‘critical making’. We don’t want to simply talk together, but also build together. We value ‘non-stupid optimism’. We want to reflect on questions of power but also to imagine alternative futures. We value ‘competent failure.’ We want to support research that is innovative, high risk and the kind of stuff that no-one else is willing to fund yet!  We believe in people and their ideas, and that while interdisciplinary and co-produced research is not always easy, that it has the potential for richer and more sustainable research and impact. 

An example of just a few of the projects that underlie Brigstow can be found at http://tangible-memories.com/; https://interactive.quipu-project.com/#/en/quipu/intro; http://knowyourbristol.org/about-us/

About the funding

A total of ~£45k is available to share between projects under this call. This will be distributed between the highest-ranked projects.  The closing date is Wednesday 6th April 2016.

Funding available: Typically £3,000-5,000 per grant, although larger bids of up to £10k will be considered.  Funding can be used to buy in expertise, cover hardware costs, consumables or travel needed to work together.

Projects must also meet the following aims – these will be used as assessment criteria for the call:

How to apply

To apply, please complete and submit the short application form (Brigstow Institute seed-corn funding application form 2015/16 (Office document, 19kB). Applicants are welcome to discuss ideas for their proposals with the Brigstow team prior to submission for advice.  There will also be opportunities to meet and discuss potential projects with colleagues during March:

Further details for these will be published soon but we are also available if you have any questions or want to discuss your idea for a project - please contact either Gail Lambourne (Brigstow Institute Manager) or Tim Cole (Brigstow Institute Director) 

Please send all completed applications to: gail.lambourne@bristol.ac.uk

Brigstow Institute seed-corn funding application form 2015/16 (Office document, 19kB)

Brigstow Institute seed-corn funding 2015/16 guidelines (Office document, 71kB)

Closing date: Wednesday 6th April 2016

Awards announced: w/b 18th April 2016

We envisage a period of research/making between May and September 2016