Quantum timeline

Technologies which apply quantum mechanical effects have a wide range of possible applications within our modern society. They provide avenues to both outperform classical systems and provide new use-cases entirely. These quantum mechanical systems are inherently delicate and susceptible to external noise sources. This leads to difficult and unique engineering challenges that require the development of novel hardware, software and fundamental theories.  

In this timeline, which is on display in the University of Bristol's Queen's and Fry buildings, we explore some of the historically significant events within quantum technologies, separated into five key sections: fundamental theory, quantum computation, quantum metrology, quantum communications and experimental realisations. A world map showing governmental investment in the multi-disciplinary field of quantum technologies is also included. This is just a small insight into the wide range of accomplishments within the field, and we encourage you to investigate further.  The timeline can also be explored here on the QET labs website, featuring the relevant references and further linked material to dig into whatever peaks your interest.

This project was undertaken as part of the Quantum Engineering CDT programme.

Countries across the world have seen the potential of quantum technologies and have invested in their development. Shown above is a heat map of government funding in pound sterling per capita. Countries with no verifiable investment are shown in dark grey and all data was retrieved in June 2022.
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