QuPIC (Quantum Photonic Integrated Circuits)

QuPIC at the University of Bristol was funded in 2016 by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. Its aim is to provide access for the academic and industrial communities to the very specific needs of integrated quantum photonics systems and to enable photonic-circuit test and measurement solutions at room and cryogenic temperatures. Initially the programme is focused on the silicon-on-insulator platform as this is the most cost effective to access and accounts for the majority of design and manufacturing experience within QETLabs.

The programme is presently in its setting-up phase and has recently acquired some key pieces of equipment to enable the work-package goals.

If you are conducting research that has been the beneficiary of these equipment items any research publications resulting must contain the acknowledgement "This work was supported by the UK EPSRC grant QuPIC (EP/N015126/1)" and the publications must be made open-access as per the Research Councils UK policy on access to research publications.

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