Our Stakeholders

Stakeholders (e.g., funders, publishers, learned societies) who support the UKRN (either directly or via access to resources) form the Stakeholder Engagement Group. This ensures that UKRN activity is aligned with the strategy and activity of the stakeholders, and allows the exchange of ideas. In addition, the relationship between the Stakeholder Engagement Group and the UKRN provides stakeholders with a mechanism for obtaining feedback on new initiatives from the research community. 

Our current Stakeholders are:

Arts and Humanities Research Council

The Academy of Medical Sciences

Association of Research Managers and Administrators (UK)

British Neuroscience Association

British Psychological Society

Cancer Research UK

CHDI Foundation


European Bioinformatics Institute

Economic and Social Research Council


Institute of Physics


MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Medical Research Council

Nature Publishing Group


Natural Environment Research Council

National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

National Physical Laboratory

Public Library of Science

Research England

Research Libraries UK

UK Data Service 

United Kingdom Research and Innovation

UK Research Integrity Office

Universities UK

Wellcome Trust



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