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Our undergraduate courses will guide you towards becoming an independent thinker. Our teaching is delivered by researchers at the forefront of their fields. During your time with us, you will participate in, and co-create the latest psychological research. We have a strong focus on research methods and open science. Our research-rich curriculum promotes the development of a blend of transferrable skills that are highly sought after by employers and provide a strong foundation for further study. These include critical analysis, planning and research skills, time management, teamwork, and good communication skills (both oral, e.g. presentations, and written, e.g. lab reports).

Our courses

Psychology at Bristol embraces an experimental framework that focuses largely, but not exclusively, on the importance of hypothesis-driven, testable ideas to understanding mind and behaviour.

Psychology at Bristol promotes a scientific, hypothesis-driven approach to understanding all aspects of psychology, with a particular focus on the mind and brain, self and society, and health and wellbeing. Learning happens in interactive laboratory classes, lectures, seminars, and workshops, as well self- and peer-led sessions. We use a blend of different teaching to enhance accessibility and tailor our pedagogic approach to each topic area. Our final year projects are team-based, and you will work with an academic and a small group of peers to address a novel, contemporary psychological research question. These projects often involve the use of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Our teaching is flexible and offers different experiences and formats to guide student learning. Throughout your time at Bristol, you will be supported by a personal tutor who will oversee your academic progress. We have a network of senior tutors within school to provide academic support and guidance should personal circumstance require this, as well as a dedicated team of professional services staff focussed on supporting students learning. Bristol has several psychology-based student societies and offers opportunities for research experiences and interactions with alumni who have gone on to become leaders in their fields.

 We are currently undertaking a process of decolonising our curriculum and are committed to an inclusive, innovative, and diverse learning environment for all students and staff.

Psychology admissions statement

Did you know?

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Our degree courses are recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS) as qualification for Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC).

I was drawn to a very scientific nature of the Psychology degree, as well as its emphasis on research. The University also offers an Open Unit in the first year for most of its degrees, and I was really inspired by the option given for most science degrees.

Dar'ya (Psychology BSc, 2020)
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