Personality disorder

Personality disorder affects 1-in-12 of the adult population. The condition has significant effects on the health of individuals, their life expectancy and their use of services. Research from our Centre (Lead: Paul Moran) has charted the epidemiology of personality disorder, tracked its public health consequences and tested novel interventions designed to help people with the condition.  Our research has contributed to clinical guidelines and influenced policy in the field.  

The personality disorders research theme spans epidemiological studies and translational research and we use a range of methods including observational studies, randomised controlled trials and mixed methods studies.

Selected current grants

  • Moran P (PI), Bulsara K, Clement C, Greenwood R, McLeod H, Eley C, Badger N, Donaldson M, Webber M, Family Connections: A feasibility trial of a skills training programme for carers of patients with borderline personality disorder.  £249,966.  NIHR. Research for Patient Benefit. 30th April 2023-30th April 2025. 
  • Moran P (PI), King N, Turner N, Biddle L, Kandiyali R.  Perinatal emotional skills groups for women with borderline personality disorder: a randomised feasibility study. £257,683. NIHR. Research for Patient Benefit. 1st June 2022- 31st May 2024.
  • Crawford M (PI), Moran P, Barnicot K, Lamph G, Saunders K, Turner O, Leeson V. Evans R, Weaver T, Barrett B, Hoare Z, Kessler D, Parker J.  The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Structured Psychological Support for people with personality disorder: Randomised controlled trial. £1,452,047.73.  NIHR HTA.  01/04/2022 to: 30/11/2024.
  • Kadra-Scalzo G (PI), Hayes R, Moran P, Dale O.  Identifying remission and recovery amongst service users with Personality Disorder diagnosis using electronic health records.  The Cassell Hospital Charitable Trust.  £23,676. Nov 2021- Oct 2022 (12 months)

Selected publications

  • Monk-Cunliffe J, Borschmann R, Monk A, O'Mahoney J, Henderson C, Phillips R, Gibb J, Moran P (2022).  Crisis interventions for adults with borderline personality disorder (MS# COCHRANEMHAN-2022-00215R3 (Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems).
  • Thomson M, Cavelti M, Lerch S, Reichl C, Mürner-Lavanchy I, Moran P, Koenig J, Kaess M (2022).  Is a brief screen for personality disorder clinically useful for the detection of impairment in personality functioning in adolescents? Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment
  • Crawford, M. J., Leeson, V. C., Evans, R., Barrett, B., McQuaid, A., Cheshire, J., Sanatinia, R., Lamph, G., Sen, P., Anagnostakis, K., Millard, L., Qurashi, I., Larkin, F., Husain, N., Moran, P., Barnes, T. R. E., Paton, C., Hoare, Z., Picchioni, M., & Gibbon, S. (2022). The clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of clozapine for inpatients with severe borderline personality disorder (CALMED study): a randomised placebo-controlled trial. Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology
  • Zabihi, S., Jones, R., Moran, P., King, M., Osborn, D., & Pitman, A. (2021). The association between personality disorder traits and suicidality following sudden bereavement: a national cross-sectional survey. Journal of personality disorders, 1-19.
  • Rupel VP, Jagger B, Fialho LS, Chadderton L-M, Gintner T, Arntz A, Baltzersen Å‐L, Blazdell J, van Busschbach J, Cencelli M, Chanen A, Delvaux C, van Gorp F, Langford L, McKenna B, Moran P, Pacheco K, Sharp C, Wang W, Wright K, Crawford MJ. Standard set of patient‐reported outcomes for personality disorder.  Quality of Life Research (in press)
  • Moukhtarian, T.R., Reinhard, I., Moran, P. et al. Comparable emotional dynamics in women with ADHD and borderline personality disorder. bord personal disord emot dysregul 86 (2021).
  • Kadra-Scalzo, G., Garland, J., Miller, S., Chang, C.K., Fok, M., Hayes, R.D., Moran, P., Shetty, H., Young, A.H. and Stewart, R., 2021. Comparing psychotropic medication prescribing in personality disorder between general mental health and psychological services: retrospective cohort study. BJPsych open7(2).
  • Rifkin-Zybutz RP, Moran P, Nolte T, Feigenbaum J, King-Casas B, Fonagy P, Montague RP. (2021) Impaired mentalizing in depression and the effects of borderline personality disorder on this relationship. In press:  Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation
  • Mars, B., Gibson, J, Dunn, B. D., Gordon, C., Heron, J. E., Kessler, D. S., Wiles, N. J. & Moran, P (2021).  Personality difficulties and response to community-based psychological treatment for anxiety and depression, Journal of Affective Disorders  15;279:266-273.
  • Fonagy, P., Yakeley, J., Gardner, T., Simes, E., McMurran, M., Moran, P., Crawford, M., Frater, A., Barrett, B., Cameron, A. and Wason, J., 2020. Mentalization for Offending Adult Males (MOAM): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial to evaluate mentalization-based treatment for antisocial personality disorder in male offenders on community probation. Trials21(1), pp.1-17.
  • Day C, Briskman J, Crawford MJ, Foote L, Harris L, Boadu J, McCrone P, McMurran M, Michelson D, Moran P, Mosse L. An intervention for parents with severe personality difficulties whose children have mental health problems: a feasibility RCT. Health Technology Assessment (Winchester, England). 2020 Mar;24(14):1.
  • Rush K, Fok M, Moran P, Dorrington S, Shetty H, Stewart R, Chang C-K. (2020) Risk of first general hospital admissions for self-harm among people with personality disorder: a retrospective cohort study.  Journal of Personality Disorders Oct 27:1-S6.
  • Mehlum L, Schmahl C, Berens A, Doering S, Hutsebaut J, Kaera A, Kramer U, Moran P A, Renneberg B, Ribaudi JS, Simonsen S, Swales M, Taubner S, di Giacomo E. Euthanasia and assisted suicide in patients with personality disorders: a review of current practice and challenges. Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation volume 7, Article number: 15 (2020)
  • Moukhtarian, T. R., Reinhard, I., Morillas-Romero, A., Ryckaert, C., Mowlem, F., Bozhilova, N., Moran, P., Ebner-Priemer, U., & Asherson, P. (2020). Wandering minds in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and borderline personality disorder. European Neuropsychopharmacology, 38, 98-109.
  • French, L., Moran, P., Wiles, N., Kessler, D., Turner, K (2019). GPs’ views and experiences of managing patients with personality disorder: a qualitative interview study. BMJ Open 2019; 9:e026616. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2018-026616


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