About the James Lind Alliance Advanced Heart Failure Priority Setting Partnership

The Advanced Heart Failure Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) is a collaboration between the Universities of Bristol, OxfordCambridge and Lancaster. It is supported by the James Lind Alliance, a non-profit making organisation with extensive expertise in facilitating Priority Setting Partnerships.

Research priorities have traditionally been set by researchers and funders. We believe that involving those directly affected by the condition in the process can lead to more valid, credible and relevant research findings.

We want to set the research agenda for advanced heart failure by undertaking a prioritisation exercise involving patients, carers and frontline clinicians. We are seeking views using an online survey.

We have a steering group of people directly affected by advanced heart failure, including patients, carers and clinicians, to oversee our work.

We will review the existing literature to identify what priorities have already been addressed and where research gaps exist. The steering group will then draw up a short list of priorities for discussion at a workshop in early 2019, where a top 10 priority list for research will be agreed.

The priorities will be shared widely with researchers and funders so that they can have the biggest impact on advanced heart failure research in the future.

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