Steering group

All the members of the Advanced Heart Failure Priority Setting Partnership  steering group have been directly affected by advanced heart failure. They include academics, patients, carers and clinicians. Supported by the James Lind Alliance, the steering group oversees the work of the PSP.

The steering group will help promote the survey through their wider networks, which include patient groups and healthcare clinics, and through relevant charities and local NHS hospital trusts.

Steering group members:

Patient and carer representatives

  • Jennifer Bostock
  • John Burden
  • Daniel Smith
  • Deb Smith
  • Ayath Ullah

Academic and clinical representatives

  • Mary Brice
  • Kit Byatt
  • Amy Gadoud
  • Alyson Huntley
  • Rachel Johnson
  • Nick Jones
  • Richard Lehman
  • Sarah McKelvie
  • Bev Mumford
  • Clare Taylor
  • Eleanor Wicks
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