Talks on multidimensional poverty and disparities from visiting researcher Dr Tanveer Naveed (University of Gujrat) Monday 3 & Tuesday 11 July 2023

Dr Naveed was visiting on the Next Generation Visiting Researcher Programme from the 1st June to 13th July.

Dr Naveed currently holds the post of Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Gujrat, he researches issues of poverty, inequality and human development. His research interests and contributions are to measure valid and reliable education, assets, health and human development indices, and to develop scientifically rigorous measures for multidimensional poverty and child poverty that are applicable in low- and middle-income countries. 

Hosted by David Gordon, Professorial Research Fellow for Social Justice and Director of the Bristol Poverty Institute, together they collaborated on the research project 'Multidimensional Child Poverty in Pakistan: Measurement and Methodology'. 

Talk 1: The Construction of Household-based Asset Index: Measurement of Economic Disparities in Pakistan by using MICS Micro-data

Dr. Naveed talked on the construction of a valid and reliable asset index at the household level. He discussed how an asset index might be a better measure than current income or expenditures for gauging a household's long-term capacity for buying goods and services and its potential resilience to economic shocks. He also provided details of the results from Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and Tetrachoric Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for the dimensional structure of assets. Further, the application of Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Item Response Theory (IRT) in order to construct a reliable household-level asset index was also part of the talk. He also introduced the methods to measure asset disparities, e.g., Gini-coefficient index and the Palma ratio. He shared the results of asset disparities among 36 districts of Punjab-Pakistan.

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Talk 2: The Estimation of Human Development Index at Household Level and Estimation of Human Development Disparities in Pakistan

Dr. Naveed gave a talk on the construction of Household-based human development index and estimation of human development disparities. He provided step-by-step procedures for constructing household-based valid and reliable assets, education, health indices, and finally human development index. He explored the sizable pockets of genuine poverty in the country (Pakistan), as well as assessed particular social, economic, and cultural challenges associated with low levels of human development in households. This activity was planned to invite a multidisciplinary audience and was open to all schools and faculties. A recording of the presentation is available to watch on our youtube channel Dr Tanveer's Presentation, 11th July 2023.

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