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Publications available on Poverty from Bristol Policy Press

You can download a back catalogue of publications from the 1980s to the present with full abstracts here: Pure Search - Poverty (PDF, 185kB)Pure Search - Poverty (PDF, 185kB)

Publications available by themes:

(a) Definitions of poverty

(b) Measuring Poverty ‌

(c) Poverty Deprivation

(d) Poverty and Welfare Benefits ‌

(e) Fuel Poverty

(f) Health Inequalities

(g) Educational Inequalities ‌

(h) Financial Inequalities


Publications available to download for free

The two seminal works that pioneered the concept and application of relative deprivation in measuring poverty are available to download as PDFs of the whole books and on a chapter by chapter basis:

Poor Britain by Joanna Mack and Stewart Lansley, first published in 1985 (George Allen & Unwin), analyses the results of the 1983 Breadline Britain survey and sets out the consensual method for measuring poverty using the concept of socially defined necessities.

Poverty in the United Kingdom by Peter Townsend first published in 1979 (Penguin books), analyses the results of the 1968/69 survey of Household resources & standards of living and explores the concept or relative deprivation.


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