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Bristol Poverty Institute is at the cutting edge of research and teaching on the multidimensional nature of poverty and inequalities, in partnership with leading experts from around the world.

The Bristol Poverty Institute is a Specialist Research Institute at the University of Bristol, working in partnership with NGOs, CSOs, governments and private sector bodies united by the common goal of SDG1: To reduce poverty in all its forms everywhere. We support researchers from across the University to develop and expand their internal and external networks, promote inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, showcase and promote their work, catalyse and support new routes for engagement and research, and link up with other opportunities across the University and beyond.

Our researchers work on a wide range of poverty-relevant issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives, with particular strengths and coalescence around the themes of child health, education, livelihoods and debt, and food and water, all of which contribute to the multidimensional nature of poverty. Through our work we aim to cement the University of Bristol’s position as a global centre of research excellence on the causes, effects and measurements of poverty. This will increase our potential for impact on policy and practice, driven by our ultimate aim of reducing the extent, scale and severity of poverty across the globe.

Our history.

Key team members

Professor David Gordon is Professor of Social Justice and the Director of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research and the Bristol Poverty Institute at the University of Bristol, UK. Professor Gordon has written and edited over two hundred books, papers and reports on poverty, inequality and social exclusion, social justice and social policy. He was recently elected a fellow of the British Academy in recognition of his achievements in issues of poverty and social justice.

Dr Lauren Winch is the Manager of the Bristol Poverty Institute. She is responsible for strategic development and planning for the BPI, and leads on internal and external engagement, communications/marketing, scoping opportunities, promoting and supporting inter- and transdisciplinary working, supporting research and impact development, and delivering reporting and analysis. Lauren can be contacted at: bpi-manager@bristol.ac.uk

Ms Tracey Jarvis provides general administration support for the Bristol Poverty Institute. She can be contacted at: bristol-poverty-institute@bristol.ac.uk

Board members

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