Sample storage

  • Samples are stored at a range of temperatures from ambient to -180oC.
  • Samples are stored in a secure and monitored environment.
  • Alarm system operates and is responded to 24/7.
  • To ensure integrity of samples BBL has backup freezers and a generator.
  • BBL supports sustainable procurement, purchasing energy efficient freezers for new collections to reduce environmental impact.
  • BBL can accurately and promptly retrieve and distribute samples from the biorepository.
  • The control of samples under the custodianship of BBL is maintained by the principle investigator and/or their access committee.  Samples are only released under authorised instruction.

 Please refer to BBL's Conditions of service for processing and/or biobanking of samples (PDF, 187kB) and BBL's ‌Conditions of service for sample selection (PDF, 141kB) if you are interested in using our service.

If you would like to discuss using BBL please contact us:

Cryogenic vessels used to store biological samples at very low temperatures

BBL are working towards a more sustainable future and have been recognised for winning the 2022 International Laboratory Freezer Challenge

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