Illumina facility

The Illumina facility is located in the Bristol Bioresource Laboratories, at Oakfield House, University of Bristol. We offer Illumina microarray processing and expertise accessible to both internal and external researchers.

user using tecan robot for processing illumina arrays

If you would like to discuss your assays or enquire about costs and scheduling, please contact us at:

All samples received are stored prior to analysis in a dedicated biobanking facility with 24/7 monitoring.  Experienced staff handle the samples throughout and are available to discuss requirements at all stages of the process.


The laboratory has an Illumina iscan, autoloader and array processing robot and offers processing of illumina microarray based assays including:

  • 850K methylation analysis including bisulphite conversion
  • SNP genotyping arrays

For a full list of available applications see

 Sample Requirements

Good quality DNA quantified by picogreen or similar method.  The amount required depends on the arrays chosen.  For example, methylation analysis requires a minimum of 500ng in maximum volume of 40ul, SNP genotyping arrays require a minimum of 200ng in 4ul.  Please confirm exact requirements with the facility manager (


illumina array
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