Clinical ethics support and education

The Centre's research in clinical ethics support and education is varied, and tracks current research interests of individual staff  members.  Topics range from how to understand and respond to moral distress, through to the ethics of medical education itself, and there is significant crossover with other research areas, including end-of-life, reproduction and methodology. 

Staff use their research in this area to inform the development of teaching and training materials, as well as various public engagement activities.

Selected work

Featured Publication

E Valenti, D Giacco (2022)

Persuasion or coercion? An empirical ethics analysis about the use of influence strategies in mental health community care

BMC Health Services Research 22, Article number: 1273

Featured publication

J Parsons (2021)

Deemed consent for organ donation: a comparison of the English and Scottish approaches

Journal of Law and the Biosciences, 8(1)

Featured publication

D Dickenson, R Huxtable, M Parker (2010)

The Cambridge Medical Ethics Workbook

Cambridge University Press

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