Supporting early career researchers in bioethics in the UK, Japan and South Korea

Bioethics Research: Interdisciplinary Group of Early Career Researchers: Bristol-Kyoto-Yonsei


BRIDGES:BKY aims to benefit earlier career researchers in bioethics, through sharing learning about theories and approaches in bioethics, and encouraging collaborative work to address bioethical challenges. This collaborative project seeks to build bridges between:

· Early career researchers working in bioethics in the UK, Japan, South Korea, and beyond;

· The different disciplines that make up bioethics; and

· Bioethical theory and healthcare practice.


BRIDGES:BKY has a broad outlook but will particularly focus on:

· Ageing and end-of-life care;

· Clinical ethics support;

· Reproduction and genomics; and

· Theories and approaches in bioethics.

These are areas in which theoretical and practical challenges arise – both nationally and internationally. They include shared, global challenges, such as those relating to ageing populations, end-of-life care, genetics, and, of course, the covid-19 pandemic. They also encompass opportunities for learning from different approaches, such as the different approaches to undertaking research in bioethics.

Meet the team

BRIDGES:BKY is a collaboration between bioethics researchers in Bristol (UK), Yonsei (Seoul, Korea), and Kyoto (Japan). The project is led by Professor Richard Huxtable (Bristol), working closely with Dr Satoshi Kodama (Kyoto), Dr Ilhak Lee (Yonsei), and Professor Jonathan Ives (Bristol). BRIDGES:BKY extends the BRIDGES collaboration between the teams in Bristol, Yonsei and Kyoto, which began in 2014. The collaboration has previously been supported by funding from the University of Bristol, Kyoto University, and the Korean Global Research Network.


BRIDGES:BKY is kindly supported by a discretionary award from the Wellcome Trust (223290/Z/21/Z).


In the coming months, we will be advertising positions for researchers to join the BRIDGES:BKY team. We will also launch a project website and will advertise upcoming events and other opportunities.


The project begins in January 2022 and will run for 2 years. During this time, we will:

  • Run training workshops in Bristol, Kyoto and Yonsei
  • Run conferences in Bristol, Kyoto and Yonsei
  • Offer (virtual) visiting fellowships in Bristol, Kyoto and Yonsei for early career researchers
  • Competitively award small grants to early career researchers in bioethics

Many of these activities will be online, but we hope to include some in-person activities when it is safe to do so.

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