Conferences and Seminars

BQIT (Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop)

Our annual Bristol Quantum Information Technologies Workshop welcomes hundreds of researchers and industrial collaborators from across the world to a three day event which covers a range of talks and panel sessions about the development of future Quantum Technologies.

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Next Generation Quantum Networking

The "Next Generation Quantum Networking: Applications, Use cases, Architectures and Technologies" Workshop brought together researchers from UK's Quantum Communication Hub program and similar initiatives across the world to discuss the next generation of quantum communication networks.

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Dynamic QKD network over the 5GUK testbed

Members of QET Labs and Smart Internet Lab at the University of Bristol came together as part of the Quantum Communications Hub to showcase the University of Bristol's 5GUK Test Network and its ability to host a quantum key distribution secured network.

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Other Seminars and Events taking place in Bristol

We also hold a range of activities within the School of Physics which University staff are welcome to attend. Activities include guest lectures, specialised research workshops and seminars on a range of topics within the field of Quantum Technologies.

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Engineering Photonic Quantum Technologies

In May 2019, researchers from Universities of Bristol, Heriot-Watt, Glasgow, and Imperial College London hosted a symposium in London to highlight innovation in integrated quantum photonics and emerging applications, and showcase acheivements from an EPSRC funded Programme Grant. 

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