FSB run a regular program of events including talks, reading groups and conferences.

 FSB research seminars and associated conferences and workshops can be found on our calendar (view calendar fullscreen).

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Related events

Some past events

Past seminars are listed on the Department of Philosophy Past Events pages

Pre-2017 FSB seminarsPost-2017 seminars on our calendar

Reading groups

  • Truth and Semantics 2019-24, Johannes Stern
  • Course on Inner Model Theory 2019, Philip Welch
  • Reading group on Linnenbo's Thin Objects 2019, Gareth Pearce
  • Reading group on Burgess' Rigor and Structure, 2015-2016. Sam Pollock
  • Large cardinals & forcing Reading group studying the interaction of large cardinal axioms and forcing, 2015
  • Descriptive Set Theory Weekly tutorials on Mansfield & Weitkamp (1985) 2015
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