FSB has members from the Department of Philosophy and School of Mathematics, as well as visiting researchers.

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Current Members

Philip Welch Professor of Pure Mathematics
Catrin Campbell-Moore Lecturer in Philosophy
Further members of the Steering Committee
Kentaro Fujimoto Lecturer in Mathematics
Johannes Stern Researcher in Philosophy
Poppy Mankowitz Research Associate in Philosophy on the Truth and Semantics project
James Ladyman Professor in Philosophy, Director of the Centre for Science and Philosophy
Richard Pettigrew Professor in Philosophy
Thomas Schindler Research Associate in Philosophy on the Truth and Semantics project
Tzuchien Tho Lecturer in Philosophy
PhD students
Luca Castaldo Philosophy (supervisor: Johannes Stern)
Oliver Tatton-Brown Philosophy (supervisor: Leon Horsten): 'The Soundness of Mathematics'
Dan Nielsen Mathematics (supervisor: Philip Welch)
Matteo Zicchetti Philosophy (supervisor: Kentaro Fujimoto)
Chris Turner Mathematics (supervisor: Philip Welch)
Simone Picenni Philosophy (supervisor: Johannes Stern) 
Theodor Nenu Philosophy (supervisor: Johannes Stern)

We also have a number of MA students studying Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics

Visiting Researchers

Academic year 2019-20

  • Thomas Schindler. November 2019
  • Zhang Li. Visiting PhD student from Tsinghua University. 2019-20

Academic year 2017-18

Academic year 2016-17

Academic year 2015-16

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