The Toddler Room

The Toddler room



‌The toddler room accommodates up to 12 children aged 1 to 2 years and has a range of activities appropriate to their age. There is also the Tiger room which is used if there are more than 12 children in and this will accomodate up to 6 toddlers with 2 staff. 

Each toddler is assigned a key person before they start, they will have settling in sessions. During these sessions they will get to know their key person and the room. If your child's key person is not in, they will have a key buddy who will take their role. When starting in any room, you will be given an 'All about me' form. This is to provide information about eating, sleeping, what your child enjoys, how they like to be comforted etc.


This room is set up with  toys and activities appropriate to their age including a home corner with kitchen area, dressing up equipment, trains, cars and garages. The children, whilst under close supervision, also join in various activities, such as wet sand, water, painting, and play dough. In most weathers, the toddlers are taken out to play in the garden or they go for a walk to Royal Fort Gardens or to the local park. Occasionally we can visit the museum or the shops!

On Thursday mornings the toddlers have a fun singing and music session with JoJingles.

At sleep time, each child has their own sheet and blanket. They are checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping. We ask you to bring their own nappies and plenty of changes of clothes. If you have a nappy cream or teething gel you would like us to use, just let a member of staff know and we can find the relevant forms.