The children


A group of children at story timeThe children are organised into 4 age groups:

Our principle aim is that our children should be happy, relaxed and content while at the nursery. They are given every opportunity to join in a range of stimulating and enjoyable activities according to their age group and individual needs. The older children expereince a more strucutured day involving imaginative play, stories, a sing-a-song time, exciting games and a rest when needed. For the younger children, the sessions are more relaxed and children can freely move around areas to play.

Our children are not different from any other children. They all show immense curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn. They always derive pleasure from their endless explorations, no matter how splashed with paint and clay their clothes are, or how wet and dirty they get in the garden. They all enjoy expressing themselves by talking, singing, dancing, painting, making, playing and sharing. They all grow amazingly quickly in front of us - physically, emotionally and intellectually, especially when surrounded with affection, attentiveness and respect.

Key Person

In order to ensure continuity of care each child is allocated a member of staff as a key person. This member of staff will to settle your child into the nursery, they will build a relationship with yourselves and your child. They are available to discuss any concerns you may have, i.e. dietary needs, toilet training, any aspect of the child's individual needs and his or her physical, emotional and intellectual growth at any time. We also have a buddy system, so in the event of your childs keyperson not being in, then the buddy will take the role.

As a result of observing your child's day-to-day activities the keyperson will have a detailed knowledge of his or her progress and developmental needs, and therefore can plan and provide for these needs.

The keyperson will keep a record of achievements that will go with your child through their time at nursery. This will be their Learning Diary, it will contain art work, photographs, records of what your child did and what she or he said. All records are available for the parents to look at, at any time.

For information on the settling in procedure please refer to the policy and procedures section or contact the nursery manager.