Library fines

All readers are charged fines for the late return of items where automatic renewal has not been possible.

All fines are charged at £1 per day.

When automatic renewal fails you will be given a ‘grace period’ to return items before incurring a fine. For 7 day loan items you will have 7 days to return the item before incurring a fine, at which point the full fine for the late period will be added to your account; for 1 day loan items you will have 1 day to return the item before incurring a fine, at which point the full fine for the late period will be added to your account.

Please note: once the ‘grace period’ allowed on the item that has failed to auto-renew has expired, further auto-renewal of ANY items on loan to you, irrespective of whether they are requested by another user or not, will be prevented. All of the loans will therefore become overdue. As a direct consequence of the late return of a requested item, all other items on your account will become overdue.

Important! Fines will start to accumulate on all these overdue items because it is not possible for the system to differentiate between requested and non-requested books however you will only need to pay the charges associated with the late return of requested books because these are required by other library users. To arrange for the additional charges to be waived you will need to contact the library or visit one of the Information Desks at our library sites.

Remember, as long as you do the right thing and return requested books on time you will never need pay another library fine.

An example of how fines will be charged for requested items is shown by the 7 day loan example below:

Date/datesBook on loan
23 January Renewal not possible. Item must be returned by 30/01/2017
23 – 30 January If book is returned during this period no fine will be incurred.
31 January Book returned on 31 January: the fine incurred will be for the 6 days within which it should have been returned 23-27 January and 30 January; this will be £6.00.
1 February onwards Fines will continue to be levied at £1.00 per day until the item is returned.

An overdue notice will be sent to you by email when fines begin to be incurred. Details of how to contact the Library are included should you need advice. 

Very overdue, lost or damaged books will be replaced at the reader's expense.

How to check your fines

It is your responsibility to monitor your loans and check if you have any outstanding fines using My Library Account.

How to pay

You can pay your fines with cash at any library Information Desk.

The following libraries accept payments by debit and credit cards for fines over £5:

  • Arts and Social Sciences Library
  • Medical Library
  • Wills Library

We do not accept online payments or payments via MyBristol.

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