Private deposits

Grimmond Poster

Handlists of collections deposited or given by private donors:

DM824 Clifford Kitchin (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM839 Eileen Power (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM845 Newspaper cuttings (28.5 Kb, doc)
DM1130 Grace Gabler (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM1164 Ivor Thomas (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM1491 Penguin Books Ltd. (25.5 Kb, doc)
DM1522 Nicholas Joicey, A Paperback Guide to Progress: Penguin Books 1935-c.1951 (23.5 Kb, doc)
DM1585 Shirley Wilson (151 Kb, doc)
DM1613 David Hedges (353 Kb, doc)
DM1614 Research material relating to the history of Penguin Books (42.0 Kb, doc)
DM1647 Publications celebrating the 60th anniversary of Penguin Books Ltd., inc. Steve Hare's Penguin Portrait (48.5 Kb, doc)
DM1649 Lane family papers (85.5 Kb, doc)
DM1663 Financial and management papers for Penguin Books Ltd. (60.0 Kb, doc)
DM1676 Newspaper cuttings (29.0 Kb, doc)
DM1677 Penguin book sales in Australia (29.5 Kb, doc)
DM1678 Letters relating to Penguin Books Ltd. (32.5 Kb, doc)
DM1689 The Life of Sir Thomas Bodley (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM1734 Various (29.0 Kb, doc)
DM1737 Gwen Raverat (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM1803 David Pelham (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM1804 Sale of the Kaye Webb archive (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM1805 A Penguin Collector's Companion, 1997 (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM1828 PCS (28.0 Kb, doc)
DM1829 Press cuttings and photographs (28.0 Kb, doc)
DM1853 Assorted Penguin Books (27.5 Kb, doc)
DM1854 Forces Book Club edition (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM1859 Collets Bookshop (42.5 Kb, doc)
DM1862 Sir Allen Lane correspondence (26.5 Kb, doc)
DM1864 The Satanic Verses (30.0 Kb, doc)
DM1871 Frederick Warne/Hans Schmoller (39.0 Kb, doc)
DM1882 King Penguin editions (25.0 Kb, doc)
DM1892 PCS/Margaret and Alexander Potter (47.0 Kb, doc)
DM1901 Buildings of England and Wales files (98.0 Kb, doc)
DM1931 George Rainbird (25.5 Kb, doc)
DM1938 H.D.F. Kitto (31.0 Kb, doc)
DM1942 Cecil Woolf (ed.), Without Prejudice. (25.0 Kb, doc)
DM1944 Hans Schmoller (29.0 Kb, doc)
DM1953 Hans Schmoller (43.5 Kb, doc)
DM1955 Rufus Segar (80.0 Kb, doc)
DM1965 Penguin-related material (51.0 Kb, doc)
DM2004 PCS (37.5 Kb, doc)
DM2013 PCS (38.5 Kb, doc)
DM2015 PCS (33.5 Kb, doc)
DM2029 Patrick Hardy (33.0 Kb, doc)
DM2065 Various (74.5 Kb, doc)
DM2081 PCS (51.5 Kb, doc)
DM2084 Speeches by Hans Schmoller (42.0 Kb, doc)
DM2095 Penguin Classics roundels/Sir Nikolaus Pevsner (58.5 Kb, doc)
DM2097 PCS (84.5 Kb, doc)
DM2104 Penguin bag and badge (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2101 Penguin 60th Anniversary Banner (27.5 Kb, doc)
DM2118 Jan Tschichold: A Life in Typography (26.0 Kb, doc)
DM2129 Dan Symonds (511 Kb, doc)
DM2133 PCS (61.0 Kb, doc)
DM2135 Penguin mousemat (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM2136 Arnold Greenwood (48.0 Kb, doc)
DM2137 Raymond Haynes (28.0 Kb, doc)
DM2138 Gerald Collet (26.0 Kb, doc)
DM2139 Norman Hunter (40.0 Kb, doc)
DM2140 Various (55.5 Kb, doc)
DM2141 Gerald Cinamon (142 Kb, doc)
DM2144 Penguin Celebrations posters (26.5 Kb, doc)
DM2149 Red Classics dumpbin (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2161 The Book of Penguin (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2162 Penguin pencils (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM2163 British Design Classics stamps (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2167 Cardboard slip cover (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM2168 PCS (32.0 Kb, doc)
DM2170 PCS Portuguese Puffins (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM2183 Heather Mansell (39.0 Kb, doc)
DM2185 PCS Portuguese and French Puffins (31.0 Kb, doc)
DM2186 PCS (31.0 Kb, doc)
DM2187 Hans Schmoller's lectures and articles (217 Kb, doc)
DM2188 Photographs (29.0 Kb, doc)
DM2195 Allen Lane The Penguin Press books (115 Kb, doc)
DM2197 The Peter Townsend Penguin Specials Collection (607 Kb, doc)
DM2198 Puffin Post and the Puffin Club (68.5 Kb, doc)
DM2204 Material relating to Allen and Lettice Lane (30.0 Kb, doc)
DM2205 PCS French Puffins (26.0 Kb, doc)
DM2209 PCS Poster designed by Alan Aldridge (25.5 Kb, doc)
DM2211 British Design Classics stamps (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2216 Puffin Post (ongoing) (32.0 Kb, doc)
DM2220 From Sir Allen Lane's personal papers (25.0 Kb, doc)
DM2221 Chris Dolley papers (56.5 Kb, doc)
DM2222 PCS various Penguin-related material (56.0 Kb, doc)
DM2223 Phil Baines' cover designs for the Penguin Great Ideas series and Pocket Penguin series (38.5 Kb, doc)
DM2228 J.G. Ballard (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2233 Gerald Cinamon and Hans Schmoller (74.0 Kb, doc)
DM2235 PCS newsletters and publications (259 Kb, doc)
DM2236 PCS (26.0 Kb, doc)
DM2242 Allen Lane The Penguin Press books (64.0 Kb, doc)
DM2243 George Rainbird Ltd. (25.0 Kb, doc)
DM2244 Material relating to the Eichberg, Mertens and Lane families (122 Kb, doc)
DM2247 Book Concerto in One Act: for 75 Penguins programme (24.5 Kb, doc)
DM2248 Puffin 70th anniversary book bag (24.0 Kb, doc)
DM2249 Lady Chatterley's Lover-related material (26.0 Kb, doc)
DM2251 Book dummies (31.0 Kb, doc)
DM2252 Jerry Cinamon (28.0 Kb, doc)
DM2253 PCS Proofs of Szobel's Civilisation (28.0 Kb, doc)
DM2254 Puffin 70th anniversary poster (27.0 Kb, doc)
DM2262 Penguin's 75th anniversary promotional material (31.5 Kb, doc)

Immediate Source of Acquisition: Given to the University of Bristol Library Special Collections by numerous private donors.

Access Conditions: Accessible to all bona fide readers with written permission from Penguin Books Ltd. Typescript catalogues are available in Special Collections.

Copyright/Reproduction: Permission to copy material must be obtained from University of Bristol Library Special Collections.

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