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The Penguin Book Collection comprises an extensive collection of books published by Penguin Books Ltd. from its first publication in 1935, Andre Maurois’s Ariel, to the present day.

The earliest books, dating from 1935 to 1969, were originally part of Sir Allen Lane’s personal collection of Penguin books, each signed for Allen Lane by the author or editor.  Sir Allen Lane gave this collection of approximately 7,800 books to the University of Bristol over a number of years, commencing in 1965 and ending in 1969 on Allen Lane's 50th anniversary in publishing with Penguin book no.3000, James Joyce's Ulysses.

Since Penguin's 40th anniversary in 1975, Penguin Books Ltd. has donated to the collection a copy of every Penguin book published, making it an invaluable source for the study of changes in the design and manufacture of paperback books from 1935 to the present day.

Dates of Creation: 1935 - to date

Extent: approx. 550 metres, with 1 metre of new books added a month

Immediate Source of Acquisition: The original collection, 1935-1969, was given to the University of Bristol by Sir Allen Lane.  From the 1975 to the present day Penguin Books Ltd. have given a copy of each book published.  Other books have been given by private donors.

Access Conditions: Accessible to all bona fide readers.

Copyright/Reproduction: Permission to copy material must be obtained from Penguin Books Ltd. and the University of Bristol Library Special Collections.

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