Marc Isambard Brunel archive

In November 2010 the Brunel Collection moved to the Brunel Institute at the SS Great Britain, a collaborative venture of the University of Bristol and the SS Great Britain Trust.

Thames Tunnel

  • Commemorative medallions. 2 items. 1842
  • Diaries, 2 v. 1822-1823
  • Drawing, comparing the size of Trevithick's driftway, 1808, with that of Brunel's Tunnel. 1831
  • An explanation of the work of the tunnel under the Thames.1838
  • General remarks [with IKB] 1 v. 1824-1842
  • Letter books. 2 v. 1825-1829, 1835-1837


  • MIB to Directors of the Thames Tunnel Co. about terms of agreement. 1825
  • MIB to M. David. In French. Concerning commemorative medallions. 1828
  • MIB to IKB. 7 letters, some accompanied by sketches, 1 with wash drawing, mainly concerning Thames Tunnel. 1834-1839
  • J. Charlier to MIB, congratulating him on the opening of the Tunnel. 1841
  • MIB to Sir Edward Codrington, concerning visitors to Tunnel. 1843
  • Reports, letters and papers of MIB and IKB concerning the Thames Tunnel. 34 items. 1827-1844
  • Shield: notes, drawings & calculations made during the second period of construction of the Tunnel. 1835-1837
  • Thames Tunnel journal [IKB]. 3 v. 1826-1829
  • Thames Tunnel journal of transactions. 5 v. 1824-1827
  • Thames Tunnel minutes of occurrences. 1 v. 1825-1827
  • Thames Tunnel works: proceedings. 2 v. 1823-1827

Other papers

  • Bronze sculpture: MIB head & shoulders. 1828
  • Engraving, by H. Adlard from the portrait by H. Wyatt. 18--

Family letters

  • MIB to "mon neveu". In French, entrusting IKB to him as tutor: his work, diet & health. 1817
  • MIB to Louis Antoine Breguet and Abraham Louis Breguet. 3 letters in French. Concerns IKB's programme of study & apprenticeship. 1820-1822
  • MIB to Mary Brunel (Mrs. I.K. Brunel), 3 letters, and to Mrs. Horsley, about Lady Brunel & Isambard Junior, the arrangement of visits, etc. 1837-1838

Business letters

  • MIB to the Duc de la Rochefoucauld. In French, concerning the advantages of gaslight. 1815
  • MIB to the Commissioners of the Navy. Concerning the use of ship models in tests. 1817
  • MIB to James Bandinel. Concerning Clifton Suspension Bridge lithograph. 1831
  • MIB to Mr. Coxon. On the advantages of steam. 1833
  • MIB to Sir Francis Freeling. On the Post Office and the road system. 1834
  • MIB to M. Baroche. In French. Concerning Messrs. le Clerc and Thomas. 1834
  • MIB to M. Girou. In French. Requesting him to deliver an enclosed letter to Lady Bentham. 1835
  • MIB to IKB. Recommending a workman, Michel Barry. 1837

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