Undergraduates: Do More With Law

Brilliant prospects. Diverse careers.

We believe every student is unique - with different strengths and ambitions. We offer an exciting, diverse range of undergraduate units and many opportunities to explore careers within or beyond law. Supported by academics and alumni that are leaders in their fields, studying here will enrich your learning experience and see you do more with law than you ever imagined possible.

Our single honours courses

We combine a research-rich education with practical experiences of law. Our students graduate with a qualification respected around the globe and the skills to pursue top-flight careers in law or beyond.

Our joint honours courses

Law is a global profession. Our joint honours courses provide an understanding of more than one legal system, language and culture, opening up a world of opportunity. 

An exciting range of units

Our second- and third-year units provide increased flexibility to focus on what interests you most and reflect the research specialisms of our globally-renowned academics. Options range from banking and finance, international and commercial law to criminology, race, employment, IT, health and human rights law. Our third-year Clinical Legal Studies option embeds real-life experience into the curriculum.

Real experiences of law

Through our Human Rights Law Clinic, a student-led Pro Bono legal services and initiatives such as the Freedom Law Clinic, you can gain recognised, real-life experience of law that employers in a wide range of sectors will value. Further opportunites include mentoring schemes and legal tech placements. 

The best part of my time at the University of Bristol is the environment it creates to assist me to fulfil my full potential. It is an area where I can try out new things, make mistakes and learn from them in order to become better.

Julio Mkok (LLB, 2019)

Doing More with Law

Take a look at the Law School Employability Blog and gain insight into the opportunities our students have to start shaping their future careers.

I am from the US and decided to move to Bristol for university because I loved the city, the people, and the academic rigour of the law degree. I originally wanted to live in London, but after visiting Bristol, I realised how safe and welcomed I felt in a city that was large enough to be exciting and entertaining yet small enough to make me feel at home.

Nicole Hilton (LLB)

Why Bristol?

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