Think Big Development Programme

The Think Big Development Programme is offered to all Think Big international scholarship recipients, as well as a selection of our partner international scholarship recipients.

What is the Think Big Development Programme?

At the University of Bristol, we want to guide our students to achieve their full potential both in their academic studies and through leadership and personal development.

To support these bright minds, we have partnered with leadership consultant Guillemette Villemin founder of ICOS Consulting, to deliver a bespoke leadership development programme that cultivates our five Think Big qualities.

Our 5 Think Big Qualities

  • Think Big and be ambitious
  • Cultivate self-awareness
  • Plan your life in Bristol and beyond strategically
  • Take risks and be proactive
  • Communicate with enthusiasm and build meaningful connections

Who is eligible for the Think Big Development Programme?

The Think Big Development Programme is offered to all Think Big international scholarship recipients, as well as a selection of our partner international scholarship programmes. If you are eligible to participate in the programme, you will be contacted by the University after the start of the term in September.

What does the programme involve?

The programme offers engaging networking events and leadership workshops (both in-person and online), as well as a self-reflection workbook with leadership and personal growth activities for scholars to integrate in their daily lives.

Personal engagement assisted by a workbook enables scholars to further develop all aspects of their daily lives at their own pace. Essential qualities are developed in a structured way, from stress and emotional management to methods clarifying personal and professional vision.

Events throughout the year allow scholars the opportunity to share ideas, network, develop presentation skills and exchange experiences while building meaningful connections.

Once part of the Think Big scholar community, we offer paid student ambassador roles. Ambassadors will share aspects of their scholarship and Bristol journey with peers, whilst receiving guidance on content creation and gaining employability skills and professional visibility. 

‘‘My ambassadorship experience played a pivotal role in helping me secure my current job in the university sector, bolstering my resume with practical insights highly valued by employers.’’ Alice, Vietnam (Think Big scholar)

Explore a Think Big scholars day-to-day life by visiting our photo galleries:

What is the leadership accelerator?

Our leadership accelerator takes the most engaged scholars and alumni above and beyond our existing leadership framework and workshops by providing bespoke resources. Selected students will receive public speaking opportunities, leadership coaching sessions and paid ambassador roles.

“I had the opportunity to be coached by Guillemette for a panelist session, learning about voice and composure was a beautiful experience, and made it possible for me to present like an expert.” Chidinma, Nigeria (Think Big scholar)

How can I apply?

Find out more about applying for an international scholarship.

Facts and figures

  • 100% of students feel they received concrete tools to help them build confidence
  • 98% of students think the programme will help them on a professional level
  • 98% of participants say the programme gave them tools to better network
  • 96% of participants say the programme helped them develop a sense of community
  • 98% of participants say the programme helped them develop their leadership skills

This data is based on a joint survey with ICOS Consulting, conducted with current and previous participants of the programme.

The Think Big Development Programme empowers you with the methods and environment to become the leader you would wholeheartedly follow.

Guillemette Villemin, Founder of ICOS Consulting
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