Researchers at the MRC IEU have created a range of openly available software tools based on research methods developed within the Unit.


MendelVar performs enrichment of ontology terms amongst genes linked to Mendelian disorders within genomic intervals.


EpiGraphDB integrates epidemiological and biomedical data to support mechanistic and causal inference

IEU GWAS database

IEU GWAS database contains thousands of publicly available GWAS for download or use in MR-Base

MR Base

MR Base enables online Mendelian randomization analysis using a comprehensive manually curated database of GWAS studies.

LD Hub

LD Hub supports online LD score regression analysis using a comprehensive manually curated database of GWAS studies.


MELODI is a literature mining platform to identify potential mechanistic pathways between exposures and disease outcomes.


FATHMM predicts the functional effects of genetic variants in coding and non-coding parts of the genome.


mQTLdb is a database of methylation QTL (mQTL) from different stages across the lifecourse.

Genome Tolerance Browser

Genome Tolerance Browser (GTB) visually compares functional prediction algorithms across the genome.


TeMMPo is a literature search tool to quantify the literature for specific disease mechanism. 

RbG Study Planner

RbG study planner assists in the planning stages and power assessment of recall by genotype studies.


An integrative approach to predicting haploinsufficient genes


Efficient algorithms for analyzing DNA methylation data


Package to run a phenome scan in UK Biobank

TwoSampleMR (MR-Base)

The R package for MR-Base

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