The exponential increase in molecular data that can be generated should transform both the scope and power of epidemiological methods to improve understanding of human development and disease. We hope that with the MRC and University of Bristol support the IEU will play a part in this transformation.

Professor George Davey Smith, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

The MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit (MRC IEU) exploits the latest advances in genetic and epigenetic technologies. We develop new analysis methods to improve understanding of how our family background, behaviours and genes work together. Using these to investigate how people develop and remain healthy or become ill.

What we do

The MRC IEU has an interlinked portfolio of research, led by Professor George Davey Smith, that consists of seven scientific programmes:

Mendelian Randomization

Find out about the Mendelian Randomization research programme.

Pleiotropy Robust Mendelian Randomization

Find out about the Pleiotropy Robust Mendelian Randomization research programme.

Statistical Methods for Improving Causal Analyses

Find out about the Statistical Methods for Improving Causal Analyses research programme.

Data Mining Epidemiological Relationships

Find out about the Data Mining Epidemiological Relationships research programme.

Epigenetic Epidemiology

Find out about the Epigenetic Epidemiology research programme.

Reproductive and Cardio-metabolic Health

Find out about the Reproductive and Cardio-metabolic Health research programme.

Causes, Consequences and Modification of Health Behaviours

Find out about the Causes, Consequences and Modification of Health Behaviours research programme.


Find out about the Immunopsychiatry research programme.


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