Training & Recruitment

The MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit recruits and supports staff and PhD students from multiple disciplines, including epidemiology, statistics, computer science, data-science, social science, molecular biology, genetic and communications and engagement background. Our mission is to support people to undertake translational inter- and multi-disciplinary research to improve population health. We achieve this in a supportive environment that encourages staff at all levels to learn from each other and obtain training tailored to their research and career development.

Career development

All staff have an annual development review with their line manager, which is a chance to reflect on work, how it supports the overall success of the IEU, career goals and to make a plan for training and development. Scientific and methods training is offered through the short course programme and a rich academic experience is provided through the full programme of seminars, clinics and workshops. Researchers also have the opportunity to develop the broader skills needed for a successful research career, including in teaching, science communication, and engaging with and involving research stakeholders. 


Jobs are advertised on the University jobs website and Recruitment follows the University of Bristol procedures that ensure fairness and transparency. The IEU is an open and collaborative environment where people are encouraged to speak freely and to contribute their own ideas. 

PhD programme

The IEU has a vibrant PhD programme, connecting PhD students from a range of training backgrounds in multi-disciplinary population health research.

Jobs at the IEU

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The IEU is a fantastic environment to study and work. There's a strong emphasis on collaboration and sharing of knowledge and code, and access to the short courses in the Medical School which cover all the fundamental concepts required. Everyone I've worked with has been really friendly and encouraging of my career development

April Hartley, Senior Research Associate
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