The Centre and teaching methods

The Centre

  • The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is based in a learning environment especially designed to encourage teamworking, project work and the sharing of ideas, both with other students and external partners.
  • As well as the provision of teaching space it also hosts our many external partners and visitors who advise, and often become part of, the project teams.
  • It is a place to grow ideas from start of project to outcome with a network of investors ready to support ideas that are ripe for investment.

Teaching methods

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship are not “traditional” subjects and therefore teaching does not take place in a traditional way!
  • Sessions are held in a studio-based learning environment which gives students the flexibility to be creative and work together in teams, whether that be in a teaching room or in a one of our pods or break-out areas.
  • A prototype laboratory, including laser and 3D printers allows students to develop and test their ideas.
  • There is an emphasis on collaboration and working with others, whether that be fellow students, external partners or clients.

Feedback on our teaching methods from Innovation students

It’s okay to:

  • Make mistakes
  • Ask why and why not
  • Be different
  • Experiment
  • Not know the answer
  • Collaborate openly
  • Embrace uncertainty.
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Teaching in the Centre for Innovation is undertaken in a ‘studio’ environment where emphasis is placed on creativity, problem solving, innovation communication, sharing ideas and collaboration. Students are expected to play an active role in the learning process, taking on responsibility for their learning and the creation and completion of projects. The studio provides students with a safe and encouraging environment where you can develop new ideas and have them challenged and enriched by your peers. It is both laboratory and home-base, a place that encourages experimentation, where students can practise being creative and innovative, but also a place which supports their personal development and growth.

Antony Beckett, Undergraduate Programme Director
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