The centre

A place to inspire

Moving away from traditional lectures

Spaces to encourage teamwork

A centre specifically designed to inspire and encourage collaboration.

The centre was such an amazing place to work. It felt more like a startup than a traditional teaching space.

Angus, Geography with Innovation

The centre

Teaching at the centre emphasises challenge-based, collaborative learning which allows students to draw upon their subject specialism while collaborating in multidisciplinary teams to deliver new and innovative solutions to  real world challenges.

Throughout the programme students work in collaboration with a wide range of industry partners who set live challenges, providing students with the opportunity to gain experience and build a project portfolio.

For those interested in the entrepreneurial route, the centre is a place to grow ideas while being surrounded by a network of industry mentors with connections to investors who are ready to support ideas. Just ask fourth-year Innovation students Konstantina and Roman, who received a start-up grant and membership to the SETSquared incubator.

Teaching methods

We do not consider Innovation and Entrepreneurship "traditional" subjects, so teaching does not take place in a traditional way.

  • Sessions are held in a studio-based learning environment which gives students the flexibility to be creative and work together in teams, whether that be in a teaching room or in a one of our pods or break-out areas.
  • Innovation-specific courses have no traditional exams. Our applied learning approach means assessments are practical with both team and individual submissions.
  • The prototype lab is stocked with everything from simple cardboard to laser cutters and 3D printers, allowing students to develop and test their ideas.
  • Collaboration is core. Units are designed to introduce the principles underpinning successful teamwork and give students the chance to experience collaboration across a variety of different projects and teams.

2020-update-logos Community and industry

We work closely with a large number of industry partners and local community groups, providing us with a network to support and mentor students.

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