You will receive an e-mail from your Resourcing team the morning after the closing date for your vacancy, which will refer you to the actions required to carryout the short-listing process (Note - the system will accept applications up till midnight on the closing date). The e-mail will include a web link to a single PDF document containing all the applications for your vacancy (the 'Candidate Pack'). A Short-listing report, pre-populated with the names of all the candidates for the vacancy and which can be used for recording your short-listing scores, is available on request from your HR Faculty Team. Alternatively, a blank Shortlisting Matrix (Office document, 92kB) ‌is available for use or adaptation.

Short-listing is the vital first stage in the selection process. Measuring how candidates match up to your selection criteria at this stage is crucial to enable you to objectively assess which of the candidates you wish to consider further in the next part of the selection process, generally the interview stage. This is particularly the case where you have a large number of applicants, in which case you may wish to split the process into a long-list and a short-list stage. (If no suitable applications are received, you may wish to re-advertise the vacancy.)

Ideally, everyone who is part of the selection panel should be involved in the short-listing process either together or independently. However, if this is not practicable, then it is advised that the final shortlist should be agreed by a gender balanced panel of at least two members.

Tips for the short-listing process

Here are some tips to help you use your selection criteria effectively and fairly in the short-listing process:

The eRecruit system then needs be used to formally record the short-listing outcomes (simply batch recording the candidates who are unsuccessful and those who have been short-listed) and trigger your Faculty/ Divisional HR Team to liaise with you in setting up the interviews/ selection process. Please follow the eRecruit guidance on this part of the process. Following this guidance will also ensure that unsuccessful candidates are notified by an email from the eRecruit system.

And remember, individuals can potentially appeal against a decision not to be short-listed so make sure your decisions are fair, objective and non-discriminatory, and properly recorded. 

You may have heard about some employers using social networking sites to 'check' candidates out before proceeding to shortlist or offer employment. You are strongly advised not to enter into this practice: social networking sites often contain highly personal information which, taken out of context, should form no part in the selection process for employment; not least because this practice may lead to allegations of discrimination, as such sites will often identify the person's age, sexual orientation, marital status etc.