Describing the job and the person

If you have a vacancy or other resourcing need then you should contact your Resourcing team contacts to discuss your requirements.

Further particulars

New or existing jobs will need to have been described in detail on a job description template in order to have their grade confirmed through job evaluation or role profile matching, as outlined in the next section, Agreeing the grade. Research and Teaching roles will also have been placed on the appropriate academic career pathway and profile level.

The information provided in the template forms the basis of the further particulars for the vacancy, which are central to the whole recruitment and selection process because they:

Using the template will help you to provide candidates with a fully comprehensive and easy to follow description of the vacancy. Presentation and content are crucial, as candidates will make assumptions about the role, your department and the University based on the quality and quantity of information provided.

You will need to include the following in the further particulars:

Information on terms and conditions of employment, the benefits of working at the University will be provided with the vacancy details posted on the University web site.

Selection Criteria

The qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience that you include in the person specification form the basis of the selection criteria used throughout the selection process for:

Developing appropriate selection criteria, often referred to as the person specification, is a crucial part of the whole recruitment and selection process. Here are some tips on things to think about in deciding on your selection criteria:

Example selection criteria

A set of Professional and Administrative Grade Descriptors have been developed in conjunction with Hay (the University's job evaluation scheme) providing typical activities and person specifications for each grade; these can be adapted to the specific requirements of your role.

Other example selection criteria: