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HR Organisation Structure Chart (PDF, 120kB)

Human Resources Management (3rd Floor, Senate House)

HR Operations Team

Faculty of Engineering (Queen's Building, University Walk)

Faculty of Health Sciences (1st Floor, Senate House)

Biomedical Review

School of Clinical Sciences and School of Oral and Dental Sciences

School of Social and Community Medicine

School of Veterinary Sciences / Centre for Comparative and Clinical Anatomy

Faculty of Social Sciences and Law / Residential and Hospitality Services  (1st Floor, Senate House)

Faculty of Arts (71 Cotham Hill)

Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (Medical Sciences Building, University Walk)

Faculty of Science (Royal Fort House)

Professional Services (4th Floor, Senate House)

Organisational Development

3rd Floor, Senate House

Staff Development - Academic Staff Development

Staff Development - Coaching Team

Staff Development - Culture Change and Career Management - Professional Services

Staff Development - Leadership and Management Development - Professional Services

Change Management

Equality and Diversity

Policy, Systems and Reward


ERP HR Project Team