Best Undergraduate Dissertations 2019

Since 2009 the Department of History at the University of Bristol has published the best of the annual dissertations produced by our final-year undergraduates. We do so in recognition of the excellent research undertaken by our students, which is a cornerstone of our degree programme. As a department, we are committed to the advancement of historical knowledge and to research of the highest order. Our undergraduates are part of that endeavour.

Listed below are the the best of this year’s undergraduate history dissertations, with links to the dissertations themselves where these are available. Please note that these dissertations are published in the state they were submitted for examination. Thus the authors have not been able to correct errors and/or departures from departmental guidelines for the presentation of dissertations (eg in the formatting of footnotes and bibliographies). In each case, copyright resides with the author and all rights are reserved. 



'Best dissertation' prize
Eleanor Johnston

A Revolution in Emotion: Madame Roland and the Politics of Feeling 2019_Johnston (PDF, 609kB)

Winner of the 'Best History dissertation of 2018' prize

Prize-winning rosette
Victoria Brown

Capturing the ‘Forbidden Zone’: British Female Frontline Photographers of the First World War 

Ellie Copeland

The Nation’s Chemist: A Study of the Americanisation of Boots the Chemist c.1948-1966 2019_Copeland (PDF, 4,571kB)

Oliver Gough

‘The Manly Love of Comrades’: Transcendental Metaphysics and Male Intimacy in Late Nineteenth-Century British Socialist Culture 2019_Gough (PDF, 518kB)

Bethan Holt

‘Round the World for Birth Control’: Imperial Feminism and the Birth Control Movement, 1930-1939 2019_Holt (PDF, 513kB)

Robert Keirle

Meat and its Meaning: Foodways in Late Medieval London, 1350-1500 2019_Keirle (PDF, 439kB)

Tyler Liddle

‘They Took Revenge on History, They Lit the Mountains’: The Construction of Kurdish National Identity Through Poetry 2019_Liddle (PDF, 566kB)


Jessica Maskatiya ‘A Veritable Crusade: Frederick Bywaters and Perceptions of Masculinity in the British Popular Press’ (1914-1923)  
Pacho Nieto O'Brien Multilateral Aid and Revolutionary Governments: An Analysis of the Inter-American Development Bank’s Shift in Lending Policy during the Sandinista Administration 1979-1989   
Zofia Paratcha-Page An Exploration of Aleister Crowley's Autobiographical Portrayal of His Relationship with Nature 2019_Paratcha-Page (PDF, 581kB)  
Luke Parry-Billings

'One and the Same’: Anti-Apartheid and Black British Anti-Racist Politics in the 1980s 2019_Parry-Billings (PDF, 613kB)  

Bethan Richardson

‘For a crowd is not company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures’: an exploration of loneliness among British officer prisoners of war in the Second World War 2019_Richardson (PDF, 539kB)

Emily Vernall Remembering and narrating the ‘woman-as-Jew’: an oral history study of the female body in Nazi-controlled ghettos 2019_Vernall (PDF, 649kB)  
Shona Wilcox ‘Dial 999!’: Public Panic, the State and the Press in Interwar Britain 2019_Wilcox (PDF, 811kB)  
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