Data science expertise for grant development

We are here to support excellence in data science for all research areas of the University of Bristol.

Here are some ways that we can help you with grant development:

JGI contributions to the research environment

You can list the generic JGI Support available as a benefit of the research environment at Bristol without contacting us. It is best to be specific so feel free to get in touch for more specific affiliation of your project with JGI.

Advice and support

We can provide advice and support during grant development by:

  1. Networking to refer you to appropriate researchers who might be able to help with specific, research-intensive data science problems.
  2. Data Science advice on your application. If you want a second opinion on whether the data science in your application is appropriate, we are happy to take a look. You should also consider using (University Central DREI support) for wider advice.

Staff time costed into your grant

We can help with training, providing a costed data scientist (see getting JGI data science support), administrative support, and more.

Send us your query

Contact our team of data scientists at

We have a larger team than ever, ready to answer your queries, so we’d love to hear from you.

By appropriately costing JGI into grants in advance, you will be able to access the JGI functions that are appropriate to your needs.

Please contact to find out more about how we can support you. 

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Take a look at our library of films showing the activities and events we have supported over the years. 

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