Getting data science support

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Our team at the Jean Golding Institute can help support your projects in a number of ways:

We can provide a wide range of data science and data intensive research expertise, including: 

Free Support

Free 1 day of support from our Ask-JGI “ask a data scientist” service for all staff and doctoral students at the University of Bristol. Supported by our team of postgraduates and supervised by our data scientists.

We can help with: 

  • Data analysis – recommendations or support with tools and methods for modelling, machine learning, statistics and reproducible analysis pipelines.
  • Data communication – data visualisation, dashboards and websites.
  • Data management – data management plans and data governance.
  • Software development – technical support, coding (for example: Python, R, MATLAB, SQL, bash scripts), code review and best practices.
  • Research planning – experimental design, data hazards and ethics

Costed support

Suitable if you need a task completed that is either short-term or does not require extensive domain knowledge:

  1. Flexible, ad-hoc support costed from your existing research grants (conditional on the availability of a suitable data scientist)
  2. Planned, costed support from data scientists for your project (for example: 1 day per week for 3 months)
  3. Long term data science support - Extended data scientist integration into your project or group (for example: 50% FTE for 2 years)

Are you a researcher looking for data scientist support?

Find out more about our trail of free JGI Data Scientist support this summer! Deadline for expressions of interest: 15th July 2024.

Help available for Bristol non-profit organisations to use data to tackle challenges!

Find out more about how the JGI data scientist team can help you with your data challenges in the social sector!

The above are examples of what we can offer, and we would try to be flexible if your needs are different.  Please contact to find out more about how we can support you. 

Send us your query

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We have a larger team than ever, ready to answer your queries, so we’d love to hear from you.

Project case studies

See examples of projects and collaborations our data science team have been part of to date. 

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