Global Opportunities Scholarship

This scholarship is to help fund virtual international study, work or volunteer experiences that are related to your academic or career development.

If you find your own international opportunity, not run by UoB, you can apply for a Global Opportunities Scholarship to help cover the cost. 

Your chosen activity should help you develop new skills. It could be related to your academic subject, or be relevant for your future career plans. 

There are 50 Global Opportunities Scholarships available, worth up to £500 each. 

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible to apply if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • you are an undergraduate student
  • you will be spending at least 2 weeks working, volunteering or studying abroad
  • you are using the scholarship for an international experience that is not funded or supported by Global Opportunities
  • your international activity is not in your home country

We will give priority to applicants who:

  • are not on a degree programme that includes a semester or year abroad
  • have not participated in another Global Opportunities activity, such as a short-term programme

If you have received a Global Opportunities Scholarship or Knowlson Trust Travel Award in the past, you may not apply again. 

Successful applicants

Before you start

To receive your scholarship, you will need to: 

  • provide Global Opportunities with proof of participation, such as an acceptance letter
  • agree to a set of terms and conditions 

If you are unable to complete your planned activity, you will need to repay the scholarship to the University.

When you finish

Within four weeks, you will need to complete a feedback form and provide a reflection or summary of your experience. This can be:

  • a written summary (min. 300 words, max. 500 words)
  • a blog or blog post
  • a vlog
  • a video
  • a captioned photo collection (min. 8 photos, max 20 photos)
  • any combination of the above

These should be sent to 

You can't explore the world and broaden your horizon by merely reading books or watching videos.

Global Opportunities Scholarship recipient


You can use this scholarship for:

How to apply

You can apply for a Global Opportunities Scholarship by submitting an online application form to The Global Opportunities Team. 

Applications open: Monday 6th December 

There are several application deadlines:

Sunday 30th January

Sunday 6th March

Sunday 10th April

We will review applications after each deadline and will inform you of the outcome of your application within 2 weeks. 

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