Erasmus+ programme

Co-funded by the European Union, the Erasmus+ programme aims to increase student and staff mobility across the European Community.

Erasmus+ is run by the European Commission across the EU. In the UK, the scheme is managed by the British Council.
Currently, the University of Bristol has over 100 Erasmus+ agreements with European universities. Through these agreements, we have students on over 500 Erasmus+ study and work placements abroad each year.
The benefits of the Erasmus+ scheme include:
  • financial support for students going to study or work abroad
  • language support for students before and during the placement
  • financial support for staff going to teach or train abroad
You may be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant, if you study or work abroad as part of your undergraduate degree in
If you are going abroad in academic year 2021/22, see our blackboard for more information.
Following Brexit, the UK will no longer be a part of the Erasmus+ scheme. The Erasmus+ grant is therefore not available for students going abroad in academic year 2022/23 onwards
The Turing scheme was launched by the UK government in 2021. The scheme offers up to £100 million of funding to students across the UK going abroad in academic year 2021/22.
We will publish more details on our website when they are available.
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